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Rewards Program Policy
Jul 03,2021

Rewards Program Policy

Rewards Program Policy
Metamorphosis Massage LLC Rewards Program creates an opportunity to thank our loyal clients that are a part of building this business and making it great! After earning a total of 60,000 points it will be turned into a $30 credit that can be used on any service provided within a year of earning it. (Cannot be used to purchase gift cards.)
You can earn rewards by:
  • 60 Minute Massage; 600 points
  • 90 Minute Massage; 900 points
  • 120 Minute Massage; 1200 points
  • All Add-Ons; 150 points
  • Gift Cards: 500 points
  • Referrals; 500 points
  • Reviews; 200 points
  • Social Media; 50 points
  • Feedback; 50 points
Points will be applied to your account once services are paid for or the task is completed.
Add-one are any extras I.e. the hot stones. So a 60 Minute Massage with the hot stones would earn 750 points.
Referrals, Reviews, Social Media, and Feedback must have a minimum of either a first initial and full last name or full first name and initial of last name. Otherwise, I cannot guarantee that the correct person will get credited their points.
Reviews, Social Media, and Feedback are limited to two per category per month.
Social Media allows you to earn points for liking and sharing, commenting (as long as it is in line with Metamorphosis Massage LLC Policy and Procedures,) and participating in surveys.
As Metamorphosis Massage LLC grows there will be more opportunities to earn reward points. These opportunities will be disclosed as they become available with the amount of points you can earn!